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Uber is a common name when you think of taking less expensive ridesharing services. Uber business model has changed the shape of traditional taxi booking industry. Uber was first launched in 2009 and till date there is no looking back for it. It has expanded its branches to almost every country , state and city. Due to this, the demand for On demand platforms has increased eminently. Considering the scope of growth and size of market , Uber clone app became a biggest requirement in the market. Every taxi business and even budding entrepreneur who wished to take advantage of this industry, needed there own taxi booking app like Uber.
Getting an uber clone developed is not so easy. Uber working model is quite complex and it requires a team of app developers working dedicated on developing the app.  Our Uber clone script is completely customisable and white labeled.

Need of Taxi App

Every Taxi company needs to launch their own taxi Booking app source code to stay relevant in the market. But Uber like taxi app source code’s technology is very complex and expensive to develop. So technology has become the biggest weakness of traditional Taxi business, This is where Webbiez Technologies comes into Game, To solve this technology gap in the market, we have introduced our product called Apporio-Taxi which is a technology very similar to Uber. The goal of the product is to empower traditional Taxi businesses and budding entrepreneurs by providing them with complex technology solutions at affordable cost. Now you are in a place of experts who developed the most familiar Uber like apps for the common peoples which are now brands. The Business application is created by considering all the factors that are faced by the Customer, Driver & Business.

Overview – The Uber-Like App

The product is an Uber like app which is completely customizable according to your business’s requirements, needs and choices. Our app script provides the best UI (User Interface) which is based on responsive app panels. This further enhances the user’s experience. Our product includes 3 applications within it: Rider App, Driver App and an Admin Panel (which allows the Admin to live monitor complete activities of Riders and Drivers). Other advanced features available in our product are geo-location tracking, fare management, city-wise pricing, and much more.

Why Taxi Dispatch Software?

Our product is Uber clone application is developed using our own taxi booking app builder. Our Uber clone script is completely tested and bug free. We customize and develop your taxi app according to your business needs and requirements.
This is the best Uber clone script available in the market which allows every feature that you require to be consolidated into one app. With options to choose various types of cars and drivers available on location allowing the customer and the driver to accept or reject riding service requests. This app is offering a different taxi booking experience for the customers from the pickup point to the destination. It’s attractive user interface along with the Geo-location based technology makes easy customer pickup for the driver and their by a relaxed Ride for the customer. This on demand taxi app for sale showcases the best utility for taxi business catching up customers, without dropping a bit of enthusiasm within the journey. Availability of cabs within the reach of customer, means at all places and at all times limitlessly without clearing a lot from your wallet.

Best Uber like App Development Services
We have our clients in 30+ Countries. Our Uber clone app script is 100% customizable and have all the updated features which are recommended for security of mobile application as well as for online cab booking business. Our Uber clone script enables the taxi company to make the necessary changes to the taxi software in such a way that they can easily manage the whole process from booking request to payment done. Now with the help of Webbiez Technologies, one of the world’s leading Taxi App Development Company avail the facility to develop your own Uber-like app for spreading your business network and making taxi business better.

Our product is the ready to use & launch Uber clone taxi application script that can be modified and customized according to the branding, language, currency, location and other business requirements. The Apporio Taxi’s Uber clone app enables you to track your customer who wants to use your taxi service and sends the geolocation to the driver so that they can pick them up.

Uber Clone App Development Company

Webbiez Technologies offers the best Uber like app development services. Our Uber clone app is available for sale and used by many taxi companies similar to Uber. We have ready-made Uber taxi app script to launch online taxi booking business.

We are an ISO certified on-demand taxi app development Indian company. We are experts in cloning Uber like taxi apps. We help entrepreneurs in reference to launch their own taxi company like Uber & also provide end-to-end support from step 1 to launch of the Uber like taxi software. Our dedicated Uber-like taxi app development center is located in India.

Our focus is to prepare ready to launch on demand Uber like service applications. The areas of our expertise – Uber Like taxi app development (Uber clone app), on-demand laundry & dry cleaning app, Uber for grocery delivery & other Uber services applications. We already developed many solutions like taxi app clone, Uber like app template, Uber for laundry, Uber for Handyman, Uber for grocery delivery, Uber for doctor, and much more.

  • Driver Registration
  • Add / Update Car Details
  • Online / Offline Modes
  • Accept / Reject Drives
  • Navigation to Pick-up Point
  • Start / End Trip
  • Navigation to Destination Point
  • Generate Invoice & Take Payment
  • Review Customer
  • Ride History
  • Customer Registration
  • Update Profile / Settings
  • Choose Category (Hatchback, Sedan, Luxury)
  • Book Ride Now
  • Schedule Ride for Later
  • Fare Estimate
  • Estimated Time Arrival of the Driver
  • Make Payment using Multiple Options
  • Rate the Ride / Driver
  • Ride History
  • Free Ride Coupons
  • Support / Help
  • Approve Driver’s Registration request
  • Manage Drivers
  • Enable or Disable a Driver
  • Manage Customers
  • Set / Update City-wise Variable Pricing
  • Monitor Database
  • Earning Dashboard
  • Update Rate Cards
  • Check Complete Trips Feed
  • Sort Trips
  • Update Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Other Pages


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