Food Delivery App:-Ubereats Clone App
Pursuing the online trend in all the sectors, Webbiez Technologies here introduces “Food Delivery App (app for ordering food)”, a solution for all the Restaurant owners. With “Food Delivery App” you can take your Restaurant on your customers mobile and provide them with a new experience of online food ordering software. ‘Food Delivery App’ ubereats clone script can be easily customized with your own brand and business logo.

Workflow of Food Delivery App Like Uber:
Admin Dashboard for Restaurant Owner (It is a web based panel which allows the Restaurant owner to list all the menus and meals and get order details, and plan the delivery accordingly.)
iOS app for customers

Admin Dashboard for Food Ordering App:

  • Every Restaurant Owner will have their unique Login id & Password. They will log in to their panels and can see the complete dashboard over there.
  • Restaurant Owner can add, edit, delete as much as categories and sub- categories he wants by simply clicking on Catalog>Categories.
  • He can add, edit, delete as much as products he wants corresponding to his categories by simply clicking on Catalog>Products.
  • He can add, edit, delete as much as options he wants to give for particular products like size, top ups etc by simply clicking on Catalog>Products>Options.
  • The customer can add different quantities, units, prices and images of the different products.
  • Admin can see the complete order details of the order which have been placed by the customer from the mobile app.
  • Restaurant Owner can also export all his orders in the excel sheet by simply clicking on Export to excel.
  • He can change the status of the orders as per the stages like Processed, Out for Delivery, Completed.
  • Restaurant Owner can also add the information regarding your store like Contact details, About the store, Terms and conditions by simply clicking on Information tab.
  • He can also see your Sales Report Date, Month or Year wise so that he can have an exact idea of his total business.
  • He can add as many Payment Gateways he wants for his customers.
  • Restaurant Owner can see the complete details of his customers which have Signed up from the mobile app.
iOS Food Delivery App Like Uber for Customers:
  • Customers will Sign up from the mobile app.
  • He will see a different type of categories on the home page.
  • He will see the different sub-categories relating to the Categories.
  • Customers will view the products of that specific sub- category along with their prices, quantities and images.
  • He can add or subtract as much as products they want in the cart.
  • He will see the total products along with their prices in the cart.
  • Customers will add the address they want their orders to be delivered or they can select from the previously saved addresses.
  • He can save their most used addresses to place an order even faster.
  • He can select the Date and Time slots as per their availability.
  • Customer will select the payment method from the app. He will have multiple options for making payments like Braintree, Pay by Cash, Paypal.
  • He will place the order by simply clicking on Checkout button in the cart.
  • Customers can see their complete order history.
  • He can track their orders with real-time notifications.
  • He can also add the menu to their favourites list.

Additional Features(Justeat Clone/ Food Delivery App Clone):

  • Notify customers of new Offers and Discounts
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Compatible with all devices.
  • Multiple Payment options ( Braintree, Paypal, COD)
  • Instant Support Number
  • Mobile number verification at the time of checkout by sending a verification code.

Linkage of Admin Dashboard for Food Delivery Service Owner & iOS App for Customers :

  • Restaurant owner will add Restaurant Menu from his Admin Dashboard.
  • Customer will download the food delivery app like uber and start ordering for food items.
  • Customer will add all the items in the cart and will place an order by selecting a payment method.
  • Restaurant owner will receive the order on the Admin Dashboard.
  • Restaurant owner will start processing the orders received.
  • After completion of the order, he will mark the order as complete and the customer will get notification regarding that.
  • After completion of the order, the customer will receive an invoice in the mail with all the details


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